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This is our family

And this is why we’re here

You may be able to guess which one of us had the dream of running one of the best quilting fabric stores online (hint: it wasn’t the cute baby…as far as we know).

Our family revolves around quilting. Both of us have memories of helping our grandmas trim fabric and tie quilts. Graduations, weddings, new babies and baptisms all warrant a new quilt, and when we travel, we stop at every quilt shop we can find.

No one likes cutting fabric, right? I noticed that so many stores were not selling quilting charm packs or quilt kits with precut fabric, so we decided to give it a go. Our ideas were bigger than a brick and mortar store, so we decided to start an online quilt fabric store so everyone can have access to quilt kits with precut fabric and a fast machine quilting service.

We aren’t just selling products: we’re making quilting convenient. Every pattern is written to be understood by beginner quilters and every pre cut quilt kit is ready to sew when you open the box. Our products all ship super fast, like next day fast. When you send a quilt in to be quilted it will come back even better than when you sent it in. Our goal is to make quilting convenient; if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with a product you ordered, we have a super simple return process.


-Brooklin, Calvin, and our usually happy baby who did not feel like smiling in this picture