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Step 1: Enter the Width and Height

So you’ve finished piecing a beautiful quilt top, now you’re wondering what to do next? Let us help you finish your work of art with professional machine quilting to put the final touches on your beautiful quilt. Our professional quilters use our state of the art machines to add competition quality quilting and then it gets sent back to you. Easy as that. Looking for long arm quilting services near me? We’re just a mailbox away. With the fastest turnaround time in the industry you’ll have your masterpiece back before you even realized it was gone. Pick from our library of edge to edge patterns, place your order, and then ship it. After your order is placed you will receive an email with more detailed instructions. All edge to edge machine quilting is $0.03 per square inch with a $50 minimum per project. We provide your choice of batting and free return shipping to the lower 48. Sounds great! What’s next?

Step 1.
Measure your Quilt

Measure your quilt top and record the width and the length of your quilt.

Step 2.
Select a pattern

You can browse our online catalog of patterns Here. It will open in a new tab and you can sort by style. Include the quilting pattern name and number in the form at checkout.

Step 3.
Choose Thread Color

The checkout form will also ask for thread color. We have lots of shades of each color and will do our best to select a shade that matches your quilt. If you select quilter’s choice then we will pick the thread color that we feel compliments your quilt best.

Step 4.
Make your Purchase

When you’re ready to place your order, select the deposit listing below or on the shop page. Enter your quilt’s dimensions and add to cart.

Step 4.
Fill out the Form

Once you're on the checkout page, you will be prompted to fill out a form where you will enter your thread color, pattern, and batting selection. Please leave your name and phone number in the comments so that we will be able to reach you if we have questions about your quilt.

Step 5.
Purchase optional binding

We also offer an optional binding service, This service adds 10 business days to the turnaround time. You can select this add on at checkout. If you send your binding cut and sewn together ready to sew on you'll get the discounted price. If not we'll be happy to do that for you its just a little more.

Step 6.
Pay Your Deposit

Once you've filled out the form you will pay a $50 deposit plus shipping. We will review the form and send you a work order invoice to complete payment with the amount paid for deposit and shipping deducted from the total. You do not have to wait for the invoice to ship your quilt. The price of the invoice will match the numbers you plug into the calculator minus the deposit. Their will be no other fees other than what is listed in the calculator.

Step 7.
Ship your quilt

Once you’ve completed the form and paid your deposit, pack up your quilt top and backing and ship them to us at the address below. Please remember to send backing that is pieced together and at least 4” bigger than the quilt top on all sides. Block Party Quilt Co 2477 Schiller Rd. Emmett, ID. 83617

Step 8.
Kick Back and Relax

We’ll get your quilt finished and then we’ll ship it back to you before you even realized it was gone. And don’t worry about the return shipping: if you’re in the continental United States it’s on us.

We are so excited about your quilt! Please take note of a few things that will help ensure it turns out great

The end result is largely dependent on how the quilt top is pieced and ironed. Ironing seams is the customers responsibility and the only ironing that will be done by us is that which is typical after shipping. Please send backing that is at least 4 inches larger than the top on all sides. The price paid with this receipt may change if the actual dimensions of the quilt top do not match the dimensions listed on this receipt. We will contact you before proceeding if there is a discrepancy. Please remember that quilting is permanent so please be careful in choosing your design.