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Machine Quilting FAQs

What do I need to do to prepare my quilt?

The more neatly a quilt is put together, the better the end result will be. Please send all quilts tops neatly pressed as we will not be ironing anything other than folds from shipping the quilt.Make sure the backing is ready to go and that it is at least 4 inches bigger than the quilt top on all sides.

How will my quilt look when I get it back?

Your quilt will come home beautifully quilted with the design you selected. Unless we are adding binding to your quilt, the edges will not be trimmed. There will be a basting stitch about 1/4” from the edge around the entire quilt top.

What is included in the price?

We don’t like hidden fees. The rate for our quilting service is $0.03 per square inch, which is all calculated when you select your size. Batting and return shipping are included so there’s no hidden prices for thread, batting or load fees.We do offer additional services, like machine binding, piecing backs and batting upgrades that can be purchased separately.

Do I need to piece my backing?

Please put your backing together to the proper size and neat, straight edges before sending in your quilt. Having the backing ready to go helps us keep up on our speedy turn around time.

How do you choose thread color?

After you select a color on your order, we will match the shade to your quilt. There is no additional charge for thread usage. If you select “Quilter’s Choice” for the thread color we will pick a color that blends with the primary colors in your quilt.

What kind of fabrics work best for a quilt?

The most common materials that we see are quilter’s cotton, flannel, and minky. Almost any kind of fabric can be used for a quilt.If you have a t-shirt or a denim quilt please contact us prior to purchasing a quilting service.

How does shipping work?

When you purchase a quilting service you are responsible to mail the quilt. We recommend using USPS flat rate mail and wrapping your quilt in some kind of plastic bag.This is the address:
Block Party Quilt Co
2477 Schiller Rd
Emmett, ID 83617
Once your quilt is finished, we will mail it back nice and neat. We will be responsible for paying for shipping to get it back to you.

Do you offer custom longarm quilting?

Yes! Because this takes special collaboration and a considerably longer amount of time, prices for custom machine quilting start at $0.04 cents per square inch, but depending on the complexity you’re interested in the rate may increase. Contact us with questions and we can discuss your special quilting project.

Who pays for shipping?

We pay to ship your quilt back to you once it’s all finished. You just have to get it to us. We recommend using a sturdy envelope or box to help avoid wrinkles.

Can I use a special batting?

You sure can. There are two batting options included in your price, but if you would like to upgrade your batting, we have other options available too. Sending in your own batting does not change the price of the quilting.

Can I send more than one quilt at a time?

Of course! Packing 2-3 quilts together is an awesome way to save a little bit of money on shipping for us and you! Please take note that sending more than one quilt may extend your lead time by a day or two.

Wait, there’s a returning customer deal?

Absolutely.Every time you send in a quilt we take note, and the 10th quilt gets quilted for free *up to a $200 value.Our mail in quilting services are pretty great aren’t they?